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Fallen Earth Character Planner

The longest development cycle for the Fallen Earth Character Planner ended this past weekend marking the completion of the original design of the character planner. With this upgrade we really feel like the users are getting a complete product, the one we wanted to provide from the start. "Thigh", who has been the mastermind behind this feature had been conceptualizing and working on what we call "The face-sheet" since 2.3 which is a web companion application designed to bring the best of both worlds between installable character planners and web based planners. Now, users can view their build in even greater detail in a browser with just a click and share builds in a fashion similar to the way that FECP's predecessors shared builds.

To learn more make sure you visit the product page or look for our channel on YouTube.

Fallen Earth Character Planner

After nearly 2 whole months (about twice as long) since the last revision of the Fallen Earth Character Planner was released version 2.4 is here. There isn't much apparent on the surface but much work went into perfecting the calculations. If you have been paying close attention to the planner through it's many revisions you would have noticed that rounding didn't always work the way you would expect. The development team has been working super hard on correcting this and version 2.4 has all the fixes in place to make sure the numbers your see in the planner will perfectly match in the game. There is one obvious enhancement you will notice just by looking at the main form of the planner ...

Yep, you can now include the name of your character in the planner itself! This feature saves your character name in the xml files you store locally and is also imported and exported when sharing planner codes/urls. The Tactical Ex Character Planner uses its own definitions for the name but is also backwards compatible with other character planners like the "Le-Cartel" planner.

We hope this new feature holds you off while we work on probably the most exiting new features for revision 2.5. This next upgrade is going to be great in a big way so check in frequently for more updates.

Fallen Earth Character Planner

With the 2.62 update of Fallen Earth we knew lots of people would be redoing thier character builds to adjust to the changes made to the skills and mutations. The addition of some new armor sets made that a good time to revisit the character build too. The ability to get solid info on what abilities are available and at what skill level higher tier abilities are unlocked was important to include so an enhancement was made that would mimic the in-game skill abilities window.

By double clicking on a stat, skill or mutation name you can open up a new window with information on abilities and trainer location just like in game! This new feature piggybacks off of the game's querying sytem to provide you with the most up to date information available. This means that when the developers make a change to the skills and abilities, the Fallen Earth Character Planner will be updated without any interaction from Tactical Ex Studios.

We also made sure that we improved if there was room for improvement so ... unlike the game's single window restriction, the Fallen Earth Character Planner's design allows you to open multiple windows at the same time in case you need to see even more information. Hope you like!

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